This is the last part of a 6-part series.

The final stone is the stone of hope.

This is not Pollyanna optimism but a sense of trust in our capacity and our ideals.

It’s being willing to step blindly into the unknown future, trusting that doing so together, as covenantal community, will enable us to meet any challenge.

We have the seeds of the Beloved Community within us.

We catch glimpses of it in song and poetry.

We articulate it in our covenants.

We advocate for it in our social justice work.

As Unitarian Universalist communities both old and new form and reform, I suggest we use as touchstones the following two questions:

    • How is this community contributing to our vision of the Beloved Community?
    • How will the members of this community hold ourselves accountable to both our values and our commitments?

The words are available here.

About the Author
Rev. Renee Ruchotzke
Leadership Development Consultant, Central East Regional Group (CERG) of the UUA. I have a vision of Unitarian Universalist congregations being led by thousands of diverse, spiritually mature and passionate people ready and willing to spread the good news of liberal religion.  I believe ministry is best when shared between lay and professional leaders. More information about me can be found on the UUA website.